Saturday 28 November 2015

My James Bond collection is for sale!

Here you will find James Bond memorabilia that I will be selling myself from my own collection. I have decided to focus my collection on books and posters and therefore I will slowly sell of parts of my collection that I do not wish to keep.

I believe my prices are fair. I often go to Ebay and search what previous sales prices have been before I decide my own price.

If you see something below that you wish to buy then drop me an e-mail at:
stephan.backman (@) 

Prices do not include postage. I will calculate postage fore you. Packaging and the time it takes me to go to the post office etcetera is obviously on me (some strange people charge for this as well).

I will update this list with new pictures as often as I can. This will also be mentioned in my blog posts.

Airfix James Bond 007 Toyota 2000 G.T Construction Kit. These are truly rare and the last time this was sold on Ebay it cost £112. This is sold according to pictures. My price is £65 or $95.


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