Monday 30 November 2015

What's hot, and what's not, in London?

On Wednesday this week me and my wife are heading for Great Britain and London for a few days of rest from the two craziest kids alive.

Since we are going to London I might as well look up some James Bond related sites that would be nice to have seen in person.

On Thursday I have a planed cocktail with my dear friend Peter Lorenz at Illustrated 007.

A book shop I need to visit is the Peter Harrington book shop that specialize in rare books.

Then I wish to go over to Notting Hill and take a quick look at Number 1 Stanly Cresent which is the address where Bonds apartment in SPECTRE was filmed.

On Saturday I have a trip to Tunbridge wells planed to meet up and have lunch with Peter Burt who runs the James Bond : COLLECTING JAMES BOND TOYS and MEMORABILIA Facebook page. After that we will go and visit the book store James Bond first editions

Sadly I dont believe the time will be enough to take another small journey to go to Swindon to pay respect at Ian Flemings family grave but I would love to go and visit Room 39 at the Admiralty where Ian Fleming worked during the second world war. Does anybody know if this might be possible and where it is?

I'm am not sure if I will go and see the Bond in Motion exhibition. If I have some time lift I might go there. As I said I am travelling with my wife so in all this James Bond travelling I will need to make sure that she dont get upset. Also, everybody says you can do the exhibition in 20 minutes and I have already seen many of the cars at other events.

Most of all I would like to go and visit Ian Fleming Publications. I am so curious to how they work and the people working there. Sadly they do not take any visitors but who knows what will happen in the future. I will only have to work harder on this blog to one day make them invite me.

Now I am wondering what you think I am missing out on? What is your golden treasure in London that I should not miss. Please give me suggestions on anything Bond related or other. But bare in mind that I do need time to take care of my relationship. As the saying goes. Happy wife, happy life!

Saturday 28 November 2015

My James Bond collection is for sale!

Here you will find James Bond memorabilia that I will be selling myself from my own collection. I have decided to focus my collection on books and posters and therefore I will slowly sell of parts of my collection that I do not wish to keep.

I believe my prices are fair. I often go to Ebay and search what previous sales prices have been before I decide my own price.

If you see something below that you wish to buy then drop me an e-mail at:
stephan.backman (@) 

Prices do not include postage. I will calculate postage fore you. Packaging and the time it takes me to go to the post office etcetera is obviously on me (some strange people charge for this as well).

I will update this list with new pictures as often as I can. This will also be mentioned in my blog posts.

Airfix James Bond 007 Toyota 2000 G.T Construction Kit. These are truly rare and the last time this was sold on Ebay it cost £112. This is sold according to pictures. My price is £65 or $95.


Friday 27 November 2015

Rare James Bond book for sale for only $1

Do read all the way down for your chance to make a bargain!

As I wrote about in yesterdays blog post, I was recently sent a package from Ian Fleming Publications with a copy of the rare book BOND BOUND inside.

This title was only sold during the Ian Fleming Exhibition "Bond Bound: Ian Fleming and the art of cover design" held at The Fleming Collection in London and at The City art centre in Edinburgh.

I had been hunting this book for a very long time when I finely came a cross a copy a few months ago. So now when I received a copy from Ian Fleming Publications I have two.

As a book collector / nerd I could not resist the need to go through the books to ses if they matched. And they did not. There are clearly two versions of this book and I will demonstrate the differences below but first I wish to point of what the book contains.
The first 40 pages are about Ian Flemings life and the rest of the book is photos of different book covers, from around the globe, for his James Bond books. If you do like his books. This is a must have in the collection.

First of all there are differences on the actual cover. The read 007 logo is just red on the ordinary version but metallic read on the one I got from IFP. Take a look at the photo. It is hard to show the differences. 

The second difference is on the first page. In my first version it is a black page with a silhouette of a Walther PPK. But in the one I recived from IFP this page is red and has an actual cut out of the gun.

The third and final difference is on the last page where the red cut out appears again.

Another nice thing to have in the collection now is a  actual small letter written on a Ian Fleming Publications letterhead with the golden hummingbird on it embroiled. I do understand that if you work at IFP it would be quite wired that someone want to keep that letter but for me its a cool thing to have and cherish.

Even if there are differences between these books I will not keep both of them. But since I got one of them as a gift I will sell the other one on Ebay, where I found it. BUT I will not make a profit out of this. I have decided to start the asking price at $1 and let all profit go to Save the children just like Goldsboro Books did whit a TRIGGER MORTIS copy.

You can find a link to this charity auction RIGHT HERE!

Wednesday 25 November 2015

I recived a prize from Ian Fleming Publications

A few weeks back Ian Fleming Publications had a contest on Instagram. The contest was to draw a picture from a scene in the book Casino Royale.

The prize in the contest were two copies of Casino Royale from The Folio Society that I wrote about yesterday in this blog post. There Casino Royale version was released during the fall of 2015 and comes in a slipcase. The book also contains 9 drawings by Fay Dalton.
Since I do not have this version in my collection I wanted to be part of the contest. You never know, maybe some day my luck will change for the better.

So I entered the below drawing of the classic Vesper drink made in Photoshop.

Then the two winners was made official and sadly I was not one of them. The two winners drawings can be seen below.

Winner 1:
So, here is one of our winning entrants, who depicts Chapter 6: Two Men in Straw Hats. We really appreciated the style of this sketch and the feel of cool mystery and menace. Very characterful, and embodying the spirit of one of our favourite, and oft-overlooked, scenes from the book. 

Winner 2:
And here is the second of our 1st prize entries. The Chapter is number 15; Black Hare and Grey Hound, and this is all the style, motion and excitement in one impressive image. Great work with perspective, and we think deserving of the top prize in our comp.

Now The Ian Fleming Publications could leave it at that. They had there two winners. But they did not. They decided that no participant should go empty handed. So they informed the rest of us that we would be sent a copy of the BOND BOUND.
A few days later I received a package with an address tag written on a typewriter. Most impressive way of sending their letters. I had bought that very same book a few months earlier and it cost me a lot on Ebay (I also have the poster for the exhibition) . But by having two off course I needed to double check if there were any differences between then and there was. More about that in my next blog post.

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Casino Royale like you never seen it before

British book publishers The Folio Society that specialises in releasing only the best books around has released Ian Flemings CASINO ROYALE  during the fall.

The version of the book is bound in blocked cloth set in Miller text and Folio.
The book has 192 pages and comes in a slipcase.

The book features 6 drawings by Fay Dalton. She is Fay Dalton is a London-based illustrator. She has a first class degree in Illustration and was the winner of the 2010 Pickled Ink Award for illustration. Fay combines traditional drawing and painting methods with digital painting.

The book also features a forward by John Banville who is amongst other things a crime novel writer.

I must say that when I first found out about this book I knew I got to have it even if it has a price tag of £34.95. It was the paintings that attracted me the most. But then I found out that the release only carried six drawings five of them are available on The Folio Society's own website.
And with almost 30 different Casino Royale editions in my collection I decided not to get least for the time being. When it comes to collecting James Bond I always say like the smoker who stopped smoking. Once a smoker, always a smoker...Once a Bond collector, Always a Bond collector. I might just have to get back to you on this.

If you wish to buy this edition of Casino Royale you can do it here. If you already have bought it please comment below and tell us more.

See pictures of the book below.

Monday 23 November 2015

Disney turns to Bond for help

In conjunction with the Swedish release of SPECTRE a few weeks back the the local Donald Duck magazine had a James Bond spoof special.

I have seen this before and a quick Google search shows proofs that this has happened in other countries as well. I must confess that I was a bit taken buy surprise by this. I thought this to be illegal since the story and the names are so close to the original characters owned by Eon Productions. One would be surprised if the Walt Disney Company did not know what they were doing. I am therefore quite certain that this is OK.

So, back to the comic released in Sweden a few weeks back then.

The story was called "Donald as Agent 007" and is about Donald looking just like Jens Bomb and being called to M's office to meet with Bomb who have been in a accident and needs to be replaced.

Donald excepts the mission and heads down to Q to get his gadgets. A special car...

 He drives the car to the casino where he drinks a soda, Shaken not stirred. And since it is a soda you can understand what happens when he gets it shaken.

At the casino he also meets the henchmen Odd Crack who works for the organisation SPECTACLE.

The car chase takes place and off course Donald's car has an ejector seat built in.

The car can also turn itself into a submarie.

Donald drive's off to the lair of "Recorder" that in Swedish is "Blockflöjt" and that sounds just like Blofeld (note the Dr No character below).

 He get caught and strapped to a table with a laser beam.

  Will he be able to save the town of Duckburg from SPECTACLE? Well I guess you have to read the comic to find out. 

Below you can see the local Swedish cover for this story. Is this something you would collect to complete your collection of James Bond memorabilia even more?  Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


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