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Monday, 18 January 2016

My 29 different editions of CASINO ROYALE

I have quite a few James Bond book...

A few days back I gave the Facebook readers of The Ian Fleming Foundation the chance to decide what I was supposed to read after I had finished  reading THE LIFE OF IAN FLEMING. A book I have written a blog post about here.

I must be honest and say that I longed to read a book about the making about the James Bond films but you wanted something else. I had decided to read the James Bond novels by Fleming all over again. I must confess and say that must of them have I only read once and that was more then 20 years ago. At that time I also read them in Swedish loosing some of the prose of Fleming that I was not mature for.

So when the voting was done by the readers CASINO ROYALE stood as a clear winner and I started reading the book yesterday.

I have many different editions of Casino Royale including all Swedish editions. As you can see on the above photo I have four different copies of the Jonathan Cape "queen of spades edition" and the earliest of them is from 1957 and that is an new edition to my collection. The three others will soon be fore sale here on the blog or on Ebay (I will get back to that later)

Below you can see some of my Casino Royale book collection. All pictures are from the books of my own collection.

Witch is your favourite?


With more to come if the cover speaks to me!

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