Wednesday 18 November 2015

Anthony Horowitz coments on that ONE word I did not like

In yesterdays blog post I wrote about me having some problems with the word "child" in Anthony Horowitz latest Bond novel Trigger Mortis. You can find that post here!

I wrote about it on Twitter and since Anthony seems to be so kind towards his fans and this blog he took the time to comment on the matter. 

He wrote: Fair enough. Fleming used similar language - but I take the point. I'll take care next time. If...

 And some blog readers saw this and new actually which book Fleming wrote almost the same in. It was Dr.No (from 1958)

So we head down to page 92 in Dr. No where Bond looks at the erotic Honnychile Ryder and Fleming writes:

"The gentle curve of the backbone was deeply intended, suggesting more powerful muscles than is usual in a woman, and the behind was almost as firm and rounded like a boys."
In the book Honnychile Ryder is naked just like Ursula Andress in this photo from the making of Dr No. 

I am very happy to find out about this homage to one of Flemings original novels. This I would never have understood if I had not written yesterdays blog post so thank you readers! It is also fun to be able to share this with others. Flemings text makes a bit more sense but I do understand that since the word "boys" was taken by Fleming, Anthony went with what came to mind at that moment. 
And since I currently is a father of a three and a five year old son I might be a bit sensitive at the moment. 

But what we should concentrate on here is that Anthony hope to get the opportunity to write a new Bond novel. We are many who really would want that to happen!

In a later Twitter post today Anthony wrote something truly funny: 
This have been true for some years now for the continuation novels. To find a unsigned copy of Carte Blanche is almost impossible these days. But I guess signings has become to authors what concerts are to musicians in this digital age.

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