Saturday 4 April 2020

Signed and lined copies of FOREVER AND A DAY for sale

Always when there is some sort of big James Bond release you always get caught up in the moment and buy way more James Bond related things then you can keep in your headquarters.

Back in May 2018 when Anthony Horowitz second James Bond novel FOREVER AND A DAY was released he did a special signing at Waterstones in London.

Ordinary James Bond fans only hope to get the book signed and to be honest there are many signed books on the market.

Hardcore book collectors hope to get the book lined as well. To have the book lined means that the author has handwritten a line from the book inside. I chose the line "He felt nothing" which is the final sentence of the book and I feel is there to resemble the last line from Casino Royale "The bitch is dead now". Both tells us that Bond is feeling strong disappointment.

Below you can see Anthony Horowitz confirming that he had the connection between FOREVER AND A DAY and Casino Royale in mind.

I have four extra copies of this book signed and lined that I have now put up for sale HERE on Ebay UK.

The reason that these special signings exist is to try and increase sales a lot during the first days so that the book enters the top on the sales chart.

I would have kept these books as long as possible but due to the economic changes in my life due to COVID-19 (Corona virus) I am in need of selling these now.

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