Thursday 19 November 2015

I spent $1250 on a Fleming book and then the taxman wanted his share

Since I live in Sweden it seems to me that what Sweden is famous for is most of all its lovely girls and secondly our tax system

One would think that used things should be free from VAT since they have already been paid once when they were new. And especially  if one buy something from another country.
But in Sweden there are differences between different countries.
If I order something from the UK there will be no import charges since we both live within the EU.
But if I order something from the US with a non private seller one can be sure to get stuck in customs and if I order, lets say cloths, then the VAT will be +25%. And if I order a book (new or used) the VAT is +6%. After that ther is other cost on top.  Does your country have the same system or is it true that the tax man loves to collect his money only in Sweden?

So what did I bought?
Well a few days back there fas a fantastic sale of James Bond books over at Heritage Auctions in US see full sales list here). I had a few books that I wanted to bid on but as the prices rose to new highs I understood that I would not be able to buy much. But one of the books became mine.

A proof copy of OCTOPUSSY AND THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS in a fine dust wrapper. For you who do not collect Flemings books these are the true rare ones. This book was only printed in 500 copies by Publisher Jonathan Cape and sent out for reviews and to find miss prints to change for the actual release. On some of them there are also changes to the cover design. 
The book cost me $1250 and then postage of $40 on top of that. But then the the Swedish taxman came into play and set me back with another $155. Total cost to get the book from the US to a shelf in Sweden: $1445. It is almost cheaper to fly over to the US , buy the book, and then put it in your luggage on your way back. 

Its not cheap to be a fan of James Bond. 


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