Monday 19 October 2015

A close look at Casino Royale - The book that is!

When I commute by train or take a walk during my lunch break I like to enjoy what my smartphone can offer me.  The other day I found this fantastic documentary on YouTube.

It was a one hour long close look at Ian Flemings first novel Casino Royale and you can see the program below.  it shows many (for me) new facts about Ian Fleming and also the BBC interview in really great picture quality. You truly get the feeling that you get closer to Ian Fleming and to his first book of 14.

I was planing to write a whole blog post about the following but I insert it here instead.
Have you ever thought about how much page 60 of Casino Royale actually means to us Bond fans. On this page you get Bond to present himself as Bond... James Bond and a few lines lower he order his Vodka Martini, shaken, not stirred. That page has followed his books and films since 1953 to present day. Quite amazing.

check out the documentary below! You will not be disappointed! It might even make you want to read the book...again.

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