Monday 27 February 2017

James Bond poster auction coming your way!

Even if it has nothing to do with the books of James Bond I am also a poster collector. Therefore I sometimes write a few words on any type of James Bond auction coming our way.

And now there is one. It is the auction house Ewbank's in Surrey, UK that will have an upcoming movie poster auction that will feature many Bond posters, some of them, a bit rare.

The highest estimated value is £1200 but I believe that the below Aston Martin Poster is worth more then that since it is quite rare. It will be interesting to see what is sells for.

You can check out the poster auction yourself at this link.

Ewbank's also have another auction a few days earlier where you can buy a shirt worn in Casino Royale (estimated at £120) among other things. Also listed are a few Fleming books at a fair price.  Here is that link.

Thursday 23 February 2017

New James Bond book released today

Released today is the second James Bond comic collection book from Dynamite Entertainment. This one contains the story Eidolon. The story is by Warren Ellis (pictured above) and drawings by Jason Masters. This was there second and final James Bond collaboration. The first one was Vargr that you can read more about here.

What's being released today is the hardback version of the six comic books and it sells for as little as $16.50 / £18,62on Amazon.

Reading their two James Bond stories between films is an excellent way to kill time. Some reviews say that they are even better then the last films.

This story is high octane action packed non-stop ride towards the ending. And the best way to read it is in this hardback since you do not need to wait a month for the next episode.

Dynamite Entertainment is working hard on James Bond comics nowadays. Both Hammerhead and Service are upcoming story's to be released in hardback. Also a comic adaptation on Ian Fleming's Casino Royale is said to be out in may this year. If you have not read these stories yet I suggest that you order them right now from the links below. They are that cool!

You can buy the book at Amazon US here and Amazon UK here!

Wednesday 22 February 2017

His bond to the music of 007!

The three things I collect about James Bond are the books, the posters, and the music. This blog post are one of the rare ones because this is not as post about books but a blog post about Warren Ringham.

Most of you might not know Warren but he is the new recruit over at James Bond Radio who does these fantastic podcasts about the music of James Bond.

James Bond Radio recently recruited Dan Gale and he did a marvellous pod cast about the James Bond audiobooks. You can find that great podcast here!

Then I listened again a few weeks later and found Warren Ringham talk about the music of James Bond and mainly the James Bond theme and I was blown away by his knowledge and sound and editing skills of the podcast. This was amazingly good.

I was so pleased that I decided to create a blog post saying that he has taken James Bond Radio to a hole new level and that all fans should listen because this is not to be missed.
I know for a fact that Warren spent 18 hours editing his latest episode discussing the "From Russia with love" soundtrack with John Williams (not the Star wars one) and you can clearly hear the amount of work he has done on it to make it sound great. 

Warren is a full time trumpeter and also the leader of the James Bond tribute band Q The Music Show and the band takes up most of his time nowadays.

Over at James Bond Radio's website he is being asked what Bond book he enjoys the most and answers:

I have to be honest, I still haven’t read them all.  I just have such a busy life: a poor excuse, but true!  I really enjoyed Moonraker as it is so different from the film.  The truth be told, a little cheeky to use this, but my favourite Bond book is still the “Music Of James Bond” by Jon Burlingame.  It has become like a bible as I research the music podcasts and I highly recommend it for reading if you haven’t already!
 Q The Music Show will be touring UK during 2017 and you can check out the current booked concerts at their website.

You should also check out James Bond Radios great website (if you dont do that already) and especially the audiobooks podcast and the music podcasts.

Have you (just like me) wondered what Sam Smith is actually singing on his Oscar wining credits song "The writings on the wall"? Well if you have then check out Q The Music Bands far better version below.

If you wish to order the fantastic THE MUSIC OF JAMES BOND (cover below) you can do so on Amazon US here and Amazon UK here

Monday 20 February 2017

A new James Bond story coming out in May

Dynamite Entertainment are releasing James Bond story's like there is no tomorrow. I am not complaining, not at all, I just wish to be able to lay down the first one before I need to read the next one.
What's good about this is that Dynamite Entertainment must be satisfied ow the sales the comics has achieved so far.

Below is the full press release that went out today regarding their upcoming new story SERVICE that will be out this May.

February 20, 2017, Mt. Laurel, NJ: Dynamite Entertainment introduces an all-new take on the icon of espionage in an upcoming oversized special written by Kieron Gillen (The Wicked + The Divine, Star Wars: Darth Vader) and drawn by Antonio Fuso (Torchwood, Drive)!

In contemporary politics, where Britain's world standing is often more zero than 007, an assassin plans to exterminate the "special relationship," and lead Britain and the United States into a very dark place...especially when he does so by aiming down the sights of an ancient Enfield rifle! It'll test Bond's deadly talents to their limits, in order to defeat the assassin and avert certain geopolitical disaster...

"A chance to write a British icon is something that's basically irresistible," says writer Kieron Gillen. "This is like getting to write the sun rising. You've known it all your life, but this time it's yours. I wanted to do a story that was classically Bond, but spoke to Britain as it is, and Britain as it was. In short: I was looking for any excuse for Bond to use a Sten-gun."

Artist Antonio Fuso says, "James Bond means England, and I love England. I also love spy stories, black suits, deadly pocket guns, smart smiles, and Kieron's scripts. Read this book, spread the love, and God save the Queen."

Regarding his collaboration with artist Antonio Fuso, Gillen adds, "It's a thrill working with Antonio, whose modern lines lean into a realistic take on a modern Bond."

"Kieron Gillen is undoubtedly one of the best writers, and among the best-loved, in comics today, and it's an absolute honor to now work with him on one of Dynamite's most celebrated titles," says Dynamite CEO and Publisher, Nick Barrucci. "Ian Fleming's James Bond is perhaps the most elevated of intellectual properties in the history of pop culture, an icon whose mere mention evokes a sense of class and distinction. We're proud to bring such high caliber writers to this franchise: Warren Ellis, Andy Diggle, James Robinson, Benjamin Percy, and now Kieron Gillen. Partner him with a hot talent like Antonio Fuso, and we've got the perfect team for an explosive, done-in-one thriller!"

"I'm delighted to be working with Kieron for the first time," says Joe Rybandt, Executive Editor. "He's a fantastic writer and a tremendous asset to the ever-expanding world of James Bond comics from Dynamite."

James Bond: Service will be released as a 48-page special, solicited in Diamond Comic Distributors' March 2017 Previews catalog, the premier source of merchandise for the comic book specialty market, and slated for release in May. Comic book fans are encouraged to reserve copies with their local comic book retailers. James Bond: Service will also be available for individual customer purchase through digital platforms courtesy of Comixology, Dynamite Digital, iVerse, and Dark Horse Digital.

I pre ordered my copy right away but do not that the press release does not say which date the comic is released. In other words there will be two new James Bond story's out this may.

Life is good!

Below is the cover for JAMES BOND: SERVICE

Sunday 19 February 2017

James Bond wish to have kids!

In 2017 and mainly with 24 film's about James Bond in the bag it is hard to see him as a father. Actually the only time you can feel that James Bond could be a good father is in the 1969 film On her majesty's secret service. Maybe I feel that because that film contains so much love and even a wedding.

But James Bond is clear on the fact that he wish to have kids in the literary world at least. The strong leading lady Tiffany Case in Ian Flemings 1956 novel Diamonds are forever she asks Bond straight up when they talk about life and why they have not married.

‘What about children?’
‘Like to have some,’ said Bond shortly. ‘But only when I retire. Not fair on the children otherwise. My job’s not all that secure.’ He looked into his drink and swallowed it down.
When Ian Fleming wrote Diamonds are forever in 1955 his own son Casper Fleming was only three years old.

In the below picture from what must be 1952 Ian Fleming holds his newborn son Casper Fleming.

Below is a 1973 edition of Diamonds Are forever from Sweden.

Wednesday 15 February 2017

The last and final YOUNG BOND novel...or?

Earlier today author Steve Cole revealed what could be a different version of the previous revealed cover design for his upcoming Yong Bond novel RED NEMESIS.

Red nemesis is Steve's forth Young Bond novel and this will be his last.

In an email I received from Ian Fleming Publications they say that "this is the final planed Young Bond book" but quickly informs that "this is not to say that there will not be any Young Bond books in the future". So even if this is Steve's last Young Bond novel the series might return in the future by another author.

If you are a book collector or just eager to read the final instalment that is released on May 4 I suggest that you order your copy now and that you order the hard cover version that is signed and has some exclusive extra material.

The synopsis sounds really exiting and I am sure this will be yet another great read.

James is on home soil when he receives a package with a message from beyond the grave. The package’s mysterious contents put James at the heart of a long-running plot that, if it runs its course, will paint London’s streets red with blood. Not only will James have to fight to stay alive and save the country he loves, but to clear the Bond family name, which he holds so dear. The stakes couldn’t be higher, and James doesn’t know who he can trust . . .
I have just ordered the book on Amazon UK. They offer a best price guarantee and if you wish to do the same, here is the link. If I am informed correctly the signed and limited edition will only be made in 1 500 copies so hurry up. The book is not offered on Amazon US so far other then for Kindle.

The cover for the paperback edition has been revealed earlier and is the one below.

Exited for the new book?

Monday 13 February 2017

Is this the best part of the James Bond books?

I am currently rereading the Ian Fleming James Bond novels and has so far reached the forth book Diamonds are forever. A book that will turn 61 years old this year.

So far I think that Diamonds are forever is the weakest link of the first four books. It starts out great but slowly gets less and less interesting.

Since the books and the films have a certain formula you find parts of the books that you enjoy far more then other parts. For me, it has always been the briefing made by M in his office.
I do not know why this has such a soft spot on me and if others feel the same. I might be because the book version of M and Bernard Lee's version are so close to each other. Especially in the Sean Connery / George Lazenby era.

M in the films is a bit more grumpy than the book version of M but both are dominant and handles James Bond harsh, like a bad father.

Do you agree with me on the above or is there any other recurring part of the books that you enjoy even more? Please comment below.

Below is a extract from Diamonds are forever when Bond is being briefed by M. and it is the best part of the book for me. If you have not read Diamonds are forever or any of the other James Bond novels see this as an appetizer.

Don't push it in. Screw it in,’ said M. impatiently.
James Bond, making a mental note to pass M.’s dictum on to the Chief of Staff, again picked up the jeweller’s glass from the desk where it had fallen and this time managed to fix it securely into the socket of his right eye.
Although it was late July and the room was bright with sunshine, M. had switched on his desk light and tilted it so that it shone straight at Bond. Bond picked the brilliant-cut stone up and held it to the light. As he turned it between his fingers, all the colours of the rainbow flashed back at him from its mesh of facets until his eye was tired with the dazzle.
He took out the jeweller’s glass and tried to think of something appropriate to say.
M. looked at him quizzically. ‘Fine stone?’
‘Wonderful,’ said Bond. ‘It must be worth a lot of money.’
‘A few pounds for the cutting,’ said M. dryly. ‘It’s a bit of quartz. Now then, let’s try again.’ He consulted a list on the desk in front of him and selected a fold of tissue paper, verified the number written on it, unfolded it and pushed it across to Bond.
Bond put the piece of quartz back into its own wrapping and picked up the second sample.
‘It’s easy for you, Sir,’ he smiled at M. ‘You’ve got the crib.’ He screwed the glass back into his eye and held the stone, if it was a stone, up to the light.
This time, he thought, there could be no doubt about it. This stone also had the thirty-two facets above and the twenty-four below of the brilliant-cut, and it was also about twenty carats, but what he now held had a heart of blue-white flame, and the infinite colours reflected and refracted from its depths lanced into his eye like needles. With his left hand he picked up the quartz dummy and held it beside the diamond in front of his glass. It was a lifeless chunk of matter, almost opaque beside the dazzling translucence of the diamond, and the rainbow colours he had seen a few minutes before were now coarse and muddy.
Bond put down the piece of quartz and gazed again into the heart of the diamond. Now he could understand the passion that diamonds had inspired through the centuries, the almost sexual love they aroused among those who handled them and cut them and traded in them. It was domination by a beauty so pure that it held a kind of truth, a divine authority before which all other material things turned, like the bit of quartz, to clay. In these few minutes Bond understood the myth of diamonds, and he knew that he would never forget what he had suddenly seen inside the heart of this stone.
He put the diamond down on its slip of paper and dropped the jeweller’s glass into the palm of his hand. He looked across into M.’s watchful eyes. ‘Yes,’ he said. ‘I see.’
M. sat back in his chair. ‘That’s what Jacoby meant when I had lunch with him the other day at the Diamond Corporation,’ he said. ‘He said that if I was going to get involved in the diamond business I ought to try and understand what was really at the bottom of it all. Not just the billions of money involved, or the value of diamonds as a hedge against inflation, or the sentimental fashions in diamonds for engagement rings and so forth. He said one must understand the passion for diamonds. So he just showed me what I’m showing you. And,’ M. smiled thinly at Bond, ‘if it will give you any satisfaction, I was just as taken in by that bit of quartz as you were.’
Bond sat still and said nothing.
‘And now let’s run through the rest,’ said M. He gestured towards the pile of paper packets in front of him. ‘I said I’d like to borrow some samples. They didn’t seem to mind. Sent this lot round to my house this morning.’ M. consulted his list, opened a packet and pushed it across to Bond. ‘What you were looking at just now was the best − a “Fine Blue-white”.’ He gestured towards the big diamond in front of Bond. ‘Now this is a “Top Crystal”, ten carats, baguette-cut. Very fine stone, but worth about half a “Blue-white”. You’ll see there’s the faintest trace of yellow in it. The “Cape” I’m going to show you next has a slight brownish tinge, according to Jacoby, but I’m damned if I can see it. I doubt if anyone can except the experts.’
Bond obediently picked up the ‘Top Crystal’ and for the next quarter of an hour M. led him through the whole range of diamonds down to a wonderful series of coloured stones, ruby red, blue, pink, yellow, green and violet. Finally, M. pushed over a packet of smaller stones, all flawed or marked or of poor colour. ‘Industrial diamonds. Not what they call “gem quality”. Used in machine tools and so forth. But don’t despise them. America bought £5,000,000 worth of them last year, and that’s only one of the markets. Bronsteen told me it was stones like these that were used for cutting the St Gothard tunnel. At the other end of the scale, dentists use them for drilling your teeth. They’re the hardest substance in the world. Last forever.’
M. pulled out his pipe and started to fill it. ‘And now you know as much about diamonds as I do.’
Bond sat back in his chair and gazed vaguely at the bits of tissue paper and glittering stones that lay scattered across the red leather surface of M.’s desk. He wondered what it was all about.
There was the rasp of a match against a box and Bond watched M. tamp the burning tobacco down in the bowl of his pipe and then put the matchbox back in his pocket and tilt his chair in M.’s favourite attitude for reflection.
Bond glanced down at his watch. It was 11.30. Bond thought with pleasure of the In-tray piled with Top Secret dockets he had gladly abandoned when the red telephone had summoned him an hour before. He felt fairly confident that now he wouldn’t have to deal with them. ‘I guess it’s a job,’ the Chief of Staff had said in answer to Bond’s inquiry. ‘The Chief says he won’t take any more calls before lunch and he’s made an appointment for you at the Yard for two o’clock. Step on it.’ And Bond had reached for his coat and had gone into the outer office where he was pleased to see his secretary registering in another bulky file with a ‘Most Immediate’ tab.
‘M.,’ said Bond as she looked up. ‘And Bill says it looks like a job. So don’t think you’re going to have the pleasure of shovelling that lot into my In-tray. You can post it off to the Daily Express for all I care.’ He grinned at her. ‘Isn’t that chap Sefton Delmer a boy friend of yours, Lil? Just the stuff for him, I expect.’
She looked at him appraisingly. ‘Your tie’s crooked,’ she said coldly. ‘And anyway I hardly know him.’ She bent over her registry and Bond went out and along the corridor and thought how lucky he was to have a beautiful secretary.
There was a creak from M.’s chair and Bond looked across the table at the man who held a great deal of his affection and all his loyalty and obedience.
The grey eyes looked back at him thoughtfully. M took the pipe out of his mouth. ‘How long have you been back from that holiday in France?’
‘Two weeks, Sir.’
‘Have a good time?’
‘Not bad, Sir. Got a bit bored towards the end.’
M. made no comment. ‘I’ve been looking at your record-sheet. Small-arms marks seem to be keeping well up in the top bracket. Unarmed combat’s satisfactory and your last medical shows you’re in pretty good shape.’ M. paused. ‘The point is,’ he went on unemotionally, ‘I’ve got rather a tough assignment for you. Wanted to make sure you’d be able to take care of yourself.’
‘Of course, Sir.’ Bond was slightly nettled.
‘Don’t make any mistake about this job, 007,’ said M. sharply. ‘When I say it may be tough, I’m not being melodramatic. There are plenty of tricky people you haven’t met yet, and there may be some of them mixed up in this business. And some of the most efficient. So don’t be tetchy when I think twice before getting you involved in it.’
‘Sorry, Sir.’
‘All right then,’ M. put his pipe down and leant forward with his arms crossed on the desk. ‘I’ll tell you the story and then you can decide whether you want to take it on.
‘A week ago,’ said M., ‘one of the high-ups in the Treasury came to see me. Brought with him the Permanent Secretary to the Board of Trade. It had to do with diamonds. Seems that most of what they call “gem” diamonds in the world are mined on British territory and that ninety per cent of all diamond sales are carried out in London. By the Diamond Corporation.’ M. shrugged his shoulders. ‘Don’t ask me why. The British got hold of the business at the beginning of the century and we’ve managed to hang on to it. Now it’s a huge trade. Fifty million pounds a year. The biggest dollar-earner we’ve got. So when something goes wrong with it, the Government gets worried. And that’s what’s happened.’ M. looked mildly across at Bond. ‘At least two million pounds’ worth of diamonds are being smuggled out of Africa every year.’
‘That’s a lot of money,’ said Bond. ‘Where are they going to?’
‘They say America,’ said M. ‘And I agree with them. It’s by far the biggest diamond market. And those gangs of theirs are the only people who could run an operation on this scale.’
‘Why don’t the mining companies stop it?’
‘They’ve done everything they can,’ said M. ‘You probably saw in the papers that De Beers took on our friend Sillitoe when he left M.I.5., and he’s out there now, working in with the South African security people. I gather he’s put in a pretty drastic report and come up with plenty of bright ideas for tightening things up, but the Treasury and the Board of Trade aren’t very impressed. They think the thing’s too big to be handled by a lot of separate mining companies, however efficient they are. And they’ve got one very good reason for wanting to take official action on their own.’
‘What’s that. Sir?’
‘There’s a big packet of smuggled stones in London at this very moment,’ said M., and his eyes glittered across the desk at Bond. ‘Waiting to go to America. And the Special Branch know who the carrier is to be. And they know who’s to go out with him to keep an eye on him. As soon as Ronnie Vallance came across the story − it was leaked to one of his narks in Soho, to one of his “Ghost Squad” as he chooses to call it − he went straight off to the Treasury. The Treasury talked to the Board of Trade and then both their Ministers formed up to the P.M. And the P.M. gave them authority to use the Service.’
‘Why not let the Special Branch or M.I.5 handle it, Sir?’ asked Bond, reflecting that M. seemed to be going through a bad phase of mixing in other people’s business.
‘Of course they could arrest the carriers as soon as they took delivery and tried to get out of the country,’ said M. impatiently. ‘But that won’t stop the traffic. These people aren’t the sort that talk. Anyway the carriers are only small fry. They probably just get the stuff from a man in a park and hand it over to another man in a park when they get to the other side. The only way to get to the bottom of the business is to follow the pipeline to America and see where it goes to there. And the F.B.I. won’t be much help to us, I’m afraid. It’s a very small part of their battle with the big-time gangs. And it’s not doing any harm to the United States. Rather the reverse if anything. It’s only England that’s the loser. And America is outside the jurisdiction of the police and M.I.5. Only the Service can handle the job.’
‘Yes, I see that,’ said Bond. ‘But have we got anything else to go on?’
‘Ever heard of “The House of Diamonds”?’
‘Yes, of course, Sir,’ said Bond. ‘The big American jewellers. On West 46th Street in New York and the Rue de Rivoli in Paris. I gather they rank almost as high as Cartier and Van Cleef and Boucheron nowadays. They’ve come up very quickly since the war.’
‘Yes,’ said M. ‘Those are the people. They’ve got a small place in London, too. Hatton Garden. Used to be very big buyers at the monthly showings of the Diamond Corporation. But for the last three years they’ve bought less and less. Although, as you say, they seem to be selling more and more jewellery every year. Must be getting their diamonds from somewhere. It was the Treasury who brought their name up at our meeting the other day. But I can’t find out anything against them. They’ve got one of their biggest men in charge over here. Seems odd as they do so little business. Man called Rufus B. Saye. Nothing much known about him. Lunches every day at the American Club in Piccadilly. Plays golf at Sunningdale. Doesn’t drink or smoke. Lives at the Savoy. Model citizen.’ M. shrugged his shoulders. ‘But the diamond business is a nice, well-regulated sort of family affair, and there’s an impression that the House of Diamonds has an awkward look about it. Nothing more than that.’
Bond decided it was time to put the sixty-four thousand dollar question. ‘And where do I come in, Sir?’ he asked, looking across the desk into M.’s eyes.
‘You’ve got an appointment with Vallance at the Yard in’ – M. looked at his watch – ‘just over an hour. He’s going to start you off. They’re going to pull in this carrier tonight and put you into the pipeline instead of him.’
Bond’s fingers curled softly round the arms of his chair.
‘And then?’
‘And then,’ said M. matter-of-factly, ‘you’re going to smuggle those diamonds into America. At least that’s the idea. What do you think of it?
If you wish to order Diamonds are forever you can do so on Amazon UK here or Amazon US here!

Thursday 9 February 2017

Tigger Mortis released in Poland with new cover design

The 2015 James Bond novel Trigger Mortis has now been released in Poland with a new cover design. Publishers are Rebis

The book is released as a hard back and an audiobook. The translated title is "Trigger Death" and the cool thing here is that SMIERCI is very close to the Russian spy organisation SMERSH that stood for SMERt' SHpionam that translates to death to spies.

Sadly there is not that many countries who has picked up Anthony Horowitz Trigger Mortis for release locally. I believe the reason for this are the poor sales abroad on the previous continuation novels. If they only knew how much better Trigger Mortis is then the earlier books.

Maybe the fans mostly buy the English / American printing of the book so they can get it in its original language and also (in many cases) signed.

Below is the cover for the Polish book. Once again (we can guess that) the publishers has not been granted to use James Bond's face in any form.
Let me know in the comment section what you think of the polish design!

If you wish to order Trigger Mortis as a paperback (and you should) then you can do so here on Amazon UK or Amazon US.

Sunday 5 February 2017

Complete set of HAMMERHEAD comic covers

To follow up the success of the James Bond comic series VARGR and EIDOLON by Warren Ellis and Jason Masters, Dynamite Entertainment ordered a new James Bond adventure.

This time the creators was writer Andy Diggle and artist Luca Casalanguida and the title was HAMMERHEAD.

In a statement released by the publishers Andy Diggle had the following to say. “I have never been more thrilled to take charge of a character. James Bond has been with me from childhood, and his influence runs through almost everything I’ve ever written,” Andy Diggle said in a statement. “Like all truly iconic characters, Bond remains timeless, reinventing himself for each new generation while remaining true to the core of Ian Fleming’s original creation. By bringing the Bond of the novels into the present-day world, with all its challenges and complexities, we get the best of both worlds – Fleming’s dispassionate ‘blunt instrument’ in a post-Cold War landscape of mass surveillance, drone strikes and WMDs.”

The blog can now reveal the complete set of cover designs for this series even if episode five and six has not yet been released in stores.

The artist for the covers of this series is artist Fran Cavil. That's short for Francesco Francavilla. A great artist who has done a very good job on many other covers and drawings. I guess many of you has seen his 50-60 take on the Quantum of Solace movieposter.

I must confess that compared to his other work I am sadly not impressed this time. His Quantum of Solace piece is fantastic and his cover for Green Hornet and The Spirit are amazing. But the covers he has done for HAMMERHEAD feels rushed or uninspired. Once again we clearly see the problems that occur when the artist is told to use the face of James Bond as little as possible.

To me, such a rule made out by Ian Fleming Publications (or even EON Productions) will only harm the literary Bond when trying to draw a new crowd. What if the film franchise was not allowed to use the face of Daniel Craig? That would be catastrophic for the ticket sales.

 I strongly believe that Francesco Francavilla could have done a far better job with the HAMMERHEAD series. Just check out his website.

Below you can see the complete collection of all the different HAMMERHEAD covers. Issue one was released with four different covers. 

HAMMERHEAD will be released as a hardback on May 23, 2017 and you can pre-order it here if you live in the US and here if you live in Europe.

Thursday 2 February 2017

I am amazed by you kind support!

The James Bond - The secret agent blog has now past the mile stone of 100 000 pageviews.

This is so amazing and nothing that I would have dare to dream of when I started the blog.

This blog is not an ordinary James Bond blog since I concentrate on the novels and books about the films. This blog's purpose is only to write about what can be read about the world of James Bond.

I therefore wish to say thank you so much for your kind support. It took the blog 14 months and about 110 blog posts to reach this far.

I would like to take this opportunity to mention how you can make sure not to miss any blog posts using Facebook.

First of all you need to follow the blog on Facebook just like 767 other people. The link can be found here.

Then you just have to visit the Facebook page and choose FOLLOW and ALWAYS ON TOP.
By doing so our Facebook content will always start on top when we have posted anything. But dont be alarmed it will only happen once for each post and the blog only promotes new content on the blog or occasional great opportunities on Ebay that we promote when we see them (at no economical benefit for me).

I do the above to follow my friend John Cox over at The Book Bond and it works great so try it you to and make sure not to miss out.

You can also follow the blog on Instagram were you can see photos of my book collection. 

From the archives:

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