Monday 23 January 2017

What a great birthday gift I got!

During December I turned 40 years old. To celebrate the occasion me and my wife travelled from Sweden to England. And one of the highlights of that trip was to meet some other James Bond fans and also arrange THE FLEMING WALK.

On the Friday during the weekend in England I meet with to new Fleming fans that I had not meet before. We decided to meet at the house of one of them and take a closer look at his magnificent literal James Bond collection. I dare to say that this must be the biggest Fleming collection in United Kingdom.

It was a very great day and we talked about all things book collecting, and other topics like Brexit and differences between UK and Sweden.

At the end of the stay the house owner presented to me a 40th birthday present. He had recently read my blog post about the value of the Domino letter and decided to give me one.
So there and then I received a 14th printing of the Pan Books Paperback version of Thunderball from 1965 with an original Domino letter.

I was stunned and very surprised by such a fantastic gift. It is truly nice, what social media has done to us fans and collectors. Something that years ago could be very lonely and nerdy is today very social.

So thank you so much for your kind gift my friend!

Below you can see a scan of the actual letter I received but to make it harder for fake letter to surface on the market I have changed the original colour of the letter. There are many small things that actually  needs to be looked at before knowing if your letter is an original.

JBIFC wrote an article about the letter last week. You can find that article here!

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