Monday 9 January 2017

The different Swedish titles

If you live in a country where English is you native tongue I believe that subtitles or translations is not a normal part of your daily life. But if you, like me, live in Sweden then subtitling is something we get every day.

Title changes on books and films are also common even if you do not see them as often today as before, thanks to internet and day and date releases across the globe they are are not as beneficial as they used to be. The reason they do change the title is because the local managers simply think they will sell more units /admissions if they do localise them. 

Many of the James Bond continuation novels have sadly not been released in Sweden but all Ian Fleming novels has. Below is therefore a list of all the novels released in Sweden and the local title chosen for novel I have also added pictures of all 14 James Bond Swedish first editions.

Read them and weep of laughter.

Original title / Swedish title

Ian Fleming: 
Casino Royale / Casino Royal
Live and let die / Live and let die
Moonraker / Attack
Diamonds are forever / Death plays false
From Russia with love / Comrade killer
Dr. No / Death on Jamaica
Goldfinger / Goldfinger
For your eyes only / From a view to a kill
Thunderball / Thunderball
The spy who loved me / Beloved spy
On her majesty's secret service / In her majesty's secret service
You only live twice / You only live twice
The man with the golden gun / The man with the golden gun
Octopussy and The living daylights / Octopussy

Robert Markham / Kingsley Amis

Colonel Sun / Colonel Sun

John Gardner: 
Licence renewed / With a licence to kill
For special services / Special assignment for 007
Icebreaker / Icecold for 007
GoldenEye / GoldenEye

Sebastian Faulks

Devil may care / In the service of the devil

William Boyd
Solo / Solo

Charlie Higson
SilverFin / Silver fin
Blood fever / Blood fever

Below you can see all the artworks for the Ian Fleming Swedish first editions. 

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