Friday 20 January 2017

UK newspaper THE DAILY EXPRESS prints my blog news

Great start this morning.

I was contacted by two dear friends this morning with a link to the UK newspaper Daily Express and The Sunday Express. 

They have turned my recent blog post about the new James Bond book by author Anthony Horowitz into a news article.
That is a big steep for my blog even if the newspaper deliberately do not name the blog as a source and only mentions the questions as being asked by a "fan". But do remember where you read the news first.

It was right her on this blog post that this was mentioned for the first time. Sadly the Daily Express does not include a link to my blog. I could really need that support and it only teaches me to always remember to name the source even if I borrow some text or a picture. What goes around, comes around.

If you wish to head down to Daily Express and read their article on the matter you can click here. 

The article is on the Daily Express top spot chart at the moment.

I hope to be able to bring the true fans of the James Bond books more news in the future. Stay tuned and do follow the blog on facebook.

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