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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Exclusive: Ian Fleming drawing by Jeffrey Marshall given to the blog

I have always been a fan of artist Jeffrey Marshall's James Bond drawings.
I am sure you have seen them on the internet or maybe even on the James Bond toys sold by Spy Guise many years ago.

Jeffrey has a great ability to make his drawings look glossy and three dimensional.

I therefore contacted him a few days back, suggesting that he would draw the new header for this blog. I was very happy when I received a prompt reply that Jeffrey sometimes visits the blog and that he would be happy to make such a drawing. And boy was he fast.

I suggested that he should use the below photo as inspiration for his drawing. I myself like that photo of Ian Fleming a lot. He looks a lot just like he writes, both indifferent and troubled at the same time.

I asked Jeffrey how he makes his drawings and his answer was:

I work in traditional pencil work and digital renderings combining both at some point. With all of the digital advancements, I have been  utilizing digital platforms more and more.
Feeling so happy about this collaboration James Bond - The Secret Agent and artist Jeffrey Marshall can now offer this drawing for sale as a print made by Jeffrey. All profits from this sale will then be donated to Wounded Warriors (a charity of Jeffreys suggestion). If you wish to order a print you can contact either the blog or Jeffrey on these links.

Drawing by Jeffrey Marshall

Photo of Ian Fleming 

Another James Bond connected drawing by Jeffrey Marshall

From the archives:

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