Wednesday 21 October 2015

SOME KIND OF HERO - now in stock at Amazon

UPDATED in read.

The wait is finally over. SOME KIND OF HERO has taken writers Matthew Field and Ajay Chowdhury 20 years two write. Now the 700+ pages book from The History Press has finally reached the stores.

On Amazon the book costs only £17 and even if you find the book in stores for around £25 I do consider it a bargain due to the amount of pages.

As you can see on the top of this blog post the blood above the gunbarrel is actually a naked woman. Very stylish and cleaver I must say.

I believe many of you have already ordered the book but if not do so below. I cant wait to get hold of my copy. I actually approached The History Press about the book since I have this blog but the company never even replied to my email. So sadly it is hard for me to deliver any high resolution pictures. 

 Can this realy be true?
Photo "taken" by M Witherspoon)

When it comes to pictures the book has its own Facebook page and since I have meet Ajay Chowdhury a few times many years ago in London I know he is a joker. On the book's Facebook page there are a few pictures of the marketing campaign going on for the book. At first one one truly believes that the pictures are real but the more I look at them I think they are fake. If that's the case this would be typical Ajay Chowdhury. I any reader can confirm if the pictures are real or fake I would be very glad. 

Is this Photoshoped?
(Photo "taken" by M Witherspoon)

Now let me finish this post by telling you something quite remarkable. If you are a cheap person or maybe a student living on loan's then there is a way for you to actually read the entire book for free on your computer. It is truly strange but for some reason Amazon has put out what seams to be the entire book as a "Look inside" on there web page. You can see for your self by clicking here. But hurry up because I think that someone has committed an error.

I have a trip planned to London in December and I do hope to have lunch with Ajay then to catch up. Would love to hear the stories about how the book came to be. I guess this will sadly never happen due to this.

You can sponsor the blog buy buying your copy of SOME KIND OF HERO by clicking the link below. 

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