Sunday 11 October 2015

TRIGGER MORTIS Goldsboro edition already on Ebay

I am one of many who have ordered the TIGGER MORTIS Goldsboro Books signed edition.

I have yet to recive my book but have sadly noticed that others who have ordered them are trying to make a quick quid out of the rest of the fans who did not get any.

You can see all the signed copies that are being offered on Ebay by clicking here. 

If you have not ordered a copy yet and you want one I recommend you to send Goldsboro an Email asking to buy one. They seem to have some left for members of there book club.

Here is a link to there website. I sent them an email some months back and they were very helpful.

Going forward one could only hope that a book dealer like Goldsboro Books would only allow each buyer to order one book.

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