Monday, 9 November 2020

This is what James Bond collecting is all about (for better or worse)

 When collecting James Bond, most of us feel the need to be a completist. Living in Sweden the only local collectables are movie posters and books. For many years I thought that my Swedish book collection was complete. I have every edition of every James Bond book released in Sweden. 

But when I showed a photo of my Casino Royal from 1965 a blog reader living in Sweden contacted me saying that his copy was spelled more correctly Casino Royale also released in 1965. 

It is obvious that the misspelled version was released first. My guess is that is was printed in more numbers then the later corrected version. 

It is always fun when you find something new for the collection. This book cost me around £10 including postage. There is not often a cover is being found with a misprint on it. I would love to know who found out that the book was misspelled. What if it was Glidrose Publications that told Swedish Bonniers to change it. 


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  2. No Time To Die

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