Tuesday 19 September 2017

News about the upcoming VINTAGE release in UK

We were many that got exited when it was announced that Vintage classic in the UK would re-release three of the original James Bond novels by Ian Fleming.

I think we all can agree upon the fact that the thing that got us exited was the marvellous covers by the graphic designer Levente Szabó. They are a real treat to look at.

But it is of course a bit strange that Vintage classics will release the first and the second book and then make a big jump to the eight book.

The hard core collectors were also interested in the fact if this will be a limited print run like the 2008 and 2008 hardback series.

So I decided to ask Vintage all about this since I had managed to get in contact with an employee at their marketing department and the answer was short but straight.

At the moment there are no plans to release the other books in the series but if they change their mind there will be an announcement.

There will not be a limited print run. They will continue to print these books as long as there is an demand for them. The true hardcore collector might therefore wish to get your hands on a first edition that should be marked with a last digit 1 in the numbers section on the first page.

What is your gut feeling or hope for? Do you want more of these books in the series? Please comment below.



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