Sunday 10 April 2016

Anthony Horowitz recives great birthday present

On April 5th James Bond author Anthony Horowitz, who has written the latest James Bond novel TRIGGER MORTIS, turned 61 years old no less.

One could have hoped that Ian Fleming Publications would have used this date to announce that Horowitz will be writing his second James Bond novel for the following months to come but that never happened. I now hope that this will be released on May 28th witch is the birthday of James Bond creator Ian Fleming. I will go so far to say that I will be surprised if that does not happen on that date.

Anyhow, this blog post is about the present that Anthony Horowitz received from one of his two sons a few days back. Because the present was really cool and cleaver.

Anthony received a Richard Chopping tribute to TRIGGER MORTIS by watercolour artist Gerald Wadsworth.

Gerald Wadsworth is currently working on an Ian Fleming tribute making his own drawing for each book. And as you can see above he has also done a TRIGGER MORTIS tribute. I am sure that Anthony was really surprised by this present and it is nice that Gerald's work reaches a wider audience.

You can head over to Gerald's own web page to read more about the artist and see his other work. If you want you can also buy a print but do ask him about the sizes because I cant figure out how big they are.

Finally I wish to take this small opportunity to congratulate Anthony Horowitz a bit late on his birthday. Happy (late) Birthday!

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