Monday 9 November 2015

Ask your questions to Anthony Horowitz here

UK daily magazine has a real treat for the James Bond fans today. We are offered to ask TRIGGER MORTIS writer Anthony Horowitz anything we want on their website. 

I would love to be offered to have a small interview with Anthony but so far this blog is far to small so I will have to be satisfied with this excellent opportunity. 

Some of the things I am most curious about is: 

* Has he been offered to write a second James Bond  novel?

* Did he have anything to say about the UK or US cover designs for TRIGGER MORTIS?

* How has the sales gone for TRIGGER MORTIS? Is it a success? 

* Where there any product placement in TRIGGER MORTIS?

* What did he enjoy the most and the least with writing a James Bond novel?

*How has the James Bond fans treated him? Are the fans crazy collecting the same novels with different cover designs or is he used to it?

There you have some of the questions I would love to ask him. What would you wish to ask? Click here, ad your questions, and then come back here and ad the same questions in the comment section because I would love for you to share it with the rest of us.

You can buy the TRIGGER MORTIS novel below.

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