Sunday 25 September 2016

How to take care of your paperback collection

There are many book collectors who have wast amount of paperbacks in their home.

But maybe it is not that common to take good care of your books so that no damage comes to the edges. With a polypropylen sleave your book will look fantastic for many years to come.

I therefore made my first video with my new camera to show you how I wrap my new US TRIGGER MORTIS in a protective sleeve to make it look brand new for a very long time.

Please note that this is my first video I present here and even if it is in 1080p and the music even matches the moment of the film I did not have the correct lightning and therefore I am not satisfied with the resolution. Especially with the closeup in the end.

The protective sleeve that I use is DEC-OPHAN 25 my Polypropylen (Cellofan) from Denmark. Its the same protective sleeve used on flower arrangements.

Below you can see my video uploaded on the blogs YouTube account. Sadly the video is being blocked by YouTube in Germany at the moment.

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