Friday, 8 May 2020


While the rest of the word are home locked I have had surgery. I live in Sweden and we do not home lock the country during Covid-19. After the surgery I am needed to stay at home for a few days. I have some books to get sorted and some tv-series I want to see.

I decided to see FLEMING - THE MAN WHO WOULD BE BOND for a second time. To be honest it felt as poor this time as it did the first time. It would be wrong to complain on Dominic Coppers appearance but he just don't look or feel the part. Maybe when he talks to his mother you can feel the deprest Fleming and the Fleming who always receives complaints by his mother. But this might just be because Lesley Manville does an better acting job.

Lara Pulver does a great job playing the cold Ann O´neill just like she did a great job playing Irene Adler in SHERLOCK.

When it comes to the story it feels like a lot of it is new to me and therefore either is fake or parts of Flemings life that I have never hear of. Rear Admiral Godfrey has a Second officer Monday played to be some sort of Miss Moneypenny and even have a hairstyle just like Louis Maxwell.

A nice touch is that it seems like they have used the correct exteriors for Flemings address on 22B Ebury street. This is just a few meters from were the Moonraker novel took place.

What is your take on FLEMING - THE MAN WHO WOULD BE BOND. Did you like it? Do you have the series in your collection? What changes or inserted scenes would you have wanted to see?

Did you know that John Pearson who wrote THE LIFE OF IAN FLEMING IN 1966 was a consultant on this tv-series.

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  1. I thought he did a great job!

  2. I liked the series and I have it in my collection on DVD. I also had not heard some of what was in the series and I had read Pearson's Fleming biography - but that was a number of years before. Like any docudrama there is always some elaboration - even with an expert consultant on hand. It would not surprise me that this also happened in this series - which is done for dramatic effect.

  3. which is done for dramatic effect.

  4. which is done for dramatic effect.


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