Sunday 1 April 2018

An amazing James Bond gift in my easter egg

The Easter bunny came by with a truly amazing present this year. Who would ever have thought that hardback book would fit in a classic Sweden egg made out of paper.

The book I received is not any old book. It is the sought after second James Bond novel by Anthony Horowitz titled Forever and a day.

This print does not cover the said to be boat/bullet cover that was revealed a few weeks back. This book has a cover that comes from the marketed only and not to be used design. This makes it even harder to find amongst collectors.

It does not say "proof copy" anywhere on the book so I guess it is not a proof either. I just cant figure out what it is.

I do like the were dark done of the cover even if the font is a bit to Skyfall and therefore already used.

The book has 304 pages and that's the exact same number of pages as Trigger Mortis have.

I have just started reading the book and it feels just as fresh and great as Trigger Mortis.

Since I am Swedish there is only one thing I am hoping for with Forever and a day and that is the mention of James Bonds trip to Stockholm (capital of Sweden) to become a double 0. I will just have to read on and wait.

Forever and a day is released on 31 may in UK.



Please Note: There is a follow up to this blog post here!

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