Monday 2 October 2017

A fantastic The Living Daylights drawing

Some time ago I received the latest drawing by artist Gerald Wadsworth who specialise in drawing pictures from what could have been right out of the Ian Fleming novels.

His latest drawing is The Living Daylights drawn in watercolours and looks absolutely amazing. Just look at the wood details on the gun, must have taken ages to create.

If you head over to Gerald website you can see all his drawings and even purchase one if you want to. This is by no means a sponsored blog post. It is just fun to collaborate with other fans who also use their spare time focusing on the work of Ian Fleming.

But this drawing has a small interesting detail to me since I did my military duty back in the late 90's. The ammunition is red and in Sweden the red ammunition stood for "training ammo". those "bullets" exploded as soon as they left the barrel.

It might be different back in the day or in other countries and that little detail does no harm to a fantastic drawing.

Backstory to the painting:

Taken from the point of view of "Trigger" - the Russian sniper in which Bond’s Russian counterpart, the infamous sniper known as Trigger, prepares to assassinate British Agent 272. The agent is trying to escape East Germany by running the gaunlet of No-Man’s Land, bringing back top secret plans for a new Russian missile project. Trigger, disguised as a member of a Russian women’s orchestra, carries her weapon in a cello case, and uses the background noise of the orchestra playing Prince Igor, by Borodine, to cover up the sound of her machine gun. While Trigger waits for the agent to make his break for freedom, she bides her time in quiet contemplation - and anticipation of a successful assignment. Little does she know that Bond has her in his sights…
Full painting by Gerald Wadsworth

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