Thursday, 6 October 2016

World Exclusive: New James Bond drawing by artist Ibrahim Moustafa

A few months back I showed this amazing drawing of James Bond by American artist Ibrahim Mustafa.

Ibrahim specialises in drawing cover paintings for comics and have just finished JAEGER and when I noticed that he was a huge Bond fan and also have read the books I wanted to ask him if he was willing to draw a one month temporary new header for the THE SECRET AGENT blog. And boy was I happy when he said yes.

You can see his drawing below or in the top spot of this blog for the next thirty days. And while you are watching this beauty make sure to notice that James Bond is holding his Beretta  in this image (as Bond uses in the early books).

Ibrahim has also been painting exceptional drawings for each James Bond film that has been released. They are amazing but the best part for me is actually not what he has painted but how he came up with the idea and composition. Just looking at them makes me realise that I would never come up with these ideas and I guess that is were the real talent lies except the drawings. To be able to come up with ideas as cleaver as the once below.

Enjoy the below paintings and If you like them be sure to comment below. Ibrahim has six more to draw so make sure to check out his site and follow him on Twitter

I am sure that the day will come when we see Ibrahim's name on an official James Bond comic book or novel. You read it her first.


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