Tuesday 10 July 2018

These prints are way better then I dared to anticipate! Part 2

A few weeks back I wrote about the amazing James Bond book covers that Michael Gillette had done for the century release of the James Bond cannon back in 2008.

It is so hard trying to get this set completed to a descent price that I almost stopped trying. But then I found out on Michael’s own website that these could be ordered in different sizes that would be great even for framing. So I ordered them.

Now they have arrived and I must say that I am totally blown away by the quality that these prints have. The are delivered in a steady black box. I have tried to ad photos below that can show the strong difference between the print and the book cover. The colours on the dust-jacket is not as strong / colourful as the true paintings.

I strongly wish to have these on the wall but at the same time I am to scared that sunlight will damage the print. Maybe I can wait until the kids have left the building and have my own work space. The problem is that the kids are only five and eight now so the wait is long.

Looking at all these paintings in their true glory like these I feel the need to get in contact with Michael Gillette to try and set up an interview on how he got the task and how he proceeded. If you, the reader, have any questions you wish to ask Michael, please let me know and hopefully I will be able to send them to him and turn it into a blog post to be presented during the second half of august.

If you wish to order your set of prints you should head off to Michael Gillette's own website. They are highly recommended 


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