Monday 20 November 2017

Pre James Bond photo turns 72 years today

There are not many photos available of Ian Fleming pre Bond. But around that time the was just a regular person like you and me.

During the second world war we know that Fleming was drafted to the Admiralty where he spend his days for all of the war helping out in all sorts of different work. A task that in the end gave him the rank of marine commander, just like his creation James Bond.

The most famous pre Bond photos of Fleming is the below one taken in the Admiralty in room 39 next to the open fire place.

This photo is republished in Vintage newly released Casino Royale book saying that it was taken today on November 20th in 1945. In other words, the photo is now 72 years old.

The below scan comes from my print of The Life of Ian Fleming by John Pearson. If you wish to buy that book from Amazon US or UK you can do so here.

Or if you wish to order the Casino Royale release by Vintage you can do so in the UK here.

Scan taken from the book THE LIFE OF IAN FLEMING by John Pearson

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