Tuesday 4 July 2017

The amount of words Anthony Horowitz has written on his next James Bond novel

As a swedish citizen there ain't much in the world of James Bond we can be proud of. Just a few things.

James Bond committed his second and final killing in Sweden, Stockholm, Old Town that "awarded" him with the double O prefix. (Read more about that here)

John Gardner turned to Sweden during the eighties for Bond's latest car. He chose the Swedish SAAB 900 and called it the Silver Beast.

Then of course we have the film. They have never taking place in Sweden but you are all familiar with the Swedish actresses who has appeared in the films. No need to name names.

So during this morning I wanted to ask Anthony Horowitz how his next James Bond novel i shaping up and at the same time ask him if James Bond might travel to Sweden soon. As a picture to spread the feeling of Bond traveling to Sweden in the late fifties I used a Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) poster from that time.

Mr Horowitz was quick to reply in his usual tongue in cheek way That he has up until now written four words on the upcoming book and then he says regarding my Swedish question "And he does".

Now did Mr Horowitz write this only to be funny / polite or will we actually see James Bond revisiting Sweden for the first time since Ian Fleming's first novel Casino Royale released in 1953 or the John Pearson novel James Bond The Authorized Biography released 1973.

I guess time / Horowitz will tell closer upon release of his next Bond book in 2018 (read more about the date here)

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