Saturday 26 March 2016

Happy Birthday to Tiffany Case, 60 today

It is not only Ester today it is also the birthday of Tiffany Case or more interestingly the birthday of Ian Flemings forth James Bond novel DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER.

The book was first published on March 26 in 1956. The first edition was ha hardback edition from now famous Jonathan Cape and the cover was designed by Pat Marriott and the front page carried a drawing on the front page with a picture of Tiffany Case wearing a diamond neck less. On the back was a picture of Ian Fleming in his forties.

The first edition was printed in 12 500 copies and is now hard to obtain and sells for load of money.

DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER was also the first story that Fleming sold to The Daily Express to make into a comic strip.

Later in 1956 Pan Books produced a paperback version of the book and sold 68 000 copies before the end of that year.

Ian Fleming said this of Diamonds Are Forever in an interview with the Daily Express in 1956:
“I’ve put everything into this except the kitchen sink. Can you think of a plot about a kitchen sink for the next one? Otherwise I am lost.”


UK first edition

Jill St John as Tiffany Case in the 1971 DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER

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