Tuesday 8 December 2015

The seven covers for VARGR issue 2 is here

Last week issue two out of six of the James Bond comic VARGR was released across the globe. As I said a month ago, its really fun to notice that I can get it all the way up north in Sweden on the first date of the US release.

Once again the comic has been released with different cover designs. Once can choose to see this as collectors editions made by resellers OR a sad way for the publishers to take advantage of the James Bond collectors frenzy. I have decided to only collect the official version of the comics but for the hard core collectors of this magazine there are many to order on Ebay.

For issue one there was 19 different covers to collect but for issue two it's only seven covers to collect. You can see six of them below. The last one was also released as a 100 limited edition cover in black and white. This has yet to surface on the net but is pictured in issue 2.

Dynamite comics has also released a special version with only the official painting on the cover, no logos and no letters. You can order it here but it cost $50 compared to normal asking price of $4.

There will soon also be a CGC graded copy for sale with the price tag of $99. Watch this space if you wish to order. 

The above was also released without the logo and text.

The above was also released in black and white.

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