Sunday 1 May 2016

HEADS YOU DIE and TRIGGER MORTIS paperback already on sale

The TRIGGER MORTIS paperback by Anthony Horowitz is not due for sale until May 19, in other words another 18 days, but I found out that the paperback can already be bought at London Heathrow terminal 4. As a matter of fact the James Bond fan that found out about this bought his copy as early as April 22. Almost one hole month before it is supposed to be released.

It would be interesting to see how well the book has sold so far.

Also the upcoming young James Bond novel HEADS YOU DIE by Steve Cole is being sold at Waterstones book store in  Hull UK already. The release date for this book is May 5th.

Since I myself work in the film business. I know that pre sales of DVD and Blu-rays are very common. The sellers just not care if the sell a book or film too early. The main reason for this is of course that they want to sell as many copies as possible but also that they can't stock items for too long so the items needs to hit the shelf's quickly because new items are coming in.

If you also have been able to buy these books early or any other James Bond releated book for that
matter please feel free to comment below.

If you like me, wish to have the books sent to you on release day you can buy TRIGGER MORTIS and HEADS YOU DIE on Amazon UK here.


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